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  • Tinayuan delivers quality screen printing equipment and accessories primarily for fabric printing companies and related equipment industries. Often times, our screen printing presses need to be customized, therefore, during the initial stage of our cooperation with customers, we'll supply different combination solutions, according to their requirements and budget.

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Digital Textile Printing Equipment Manufacturer

Tianyuan Dress Printing Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacturing and selling of a wide range of screen printing equipment used on clothes. We have two subsidiaries: one for the production of screen printing machines, and the other for printing patterns on clothes. We have professional R&D, manufacturing, and sales teams, and we also have our own production and training facility. With advanced production equipment and skilled front line employees, Tianyuan has grown into a world class and lasting brand. We are an ISO 9001 Quality Management System company, and have been awarded dozens of invention and utility model patents. As an industrial standard drafter, we have also been awarded a number of honorary titles.

    1. Screen Printing Press (Oval Shape)

      TYSL model screen printing press can place a variety of colors using different colorants (water based ink, thermosetting ink, flocking adhesives) onto cut pieces and finished garments.

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    1. Screen Printing Machine (Flat Bed)

      Flatbed printer also comes with a moving print head, which can travel freely from one flat table to another without manual intervention or the aid of tools. This feature is convenient.

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    1. Screen Printing Machine (for Ribbon)

      Ribbon screen printing machine has a servo motor driven squeegee assembly for excellent print results.The touch screen control panel clearly displays information and commands.

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    1. Workbench for Hand Printing (with Printing Dryer)

      It can be integrated into the manual flatbed screen printing line and controlled by the micro-computer. The drying unit is stable, and saves more energy than a typical drying oven.

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    1. Movable dryer

      Movable dryers are especially useful for screen printing a multi-color design. It uses a flash process to dry printed textiles in a matter of seconds. The movable dryer can also be fit with castors to automate the drying process.

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    1. Tunnel Dryer

      Tunnel dryer, used most often in screen printing. The walking dryer uses advanced infrared heaters to enable an even heating. Avoiding the yellowing of light colored fabrics that generally occurs with other tunnel dryers.

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  • Why Us
  • Unique Oval Shape Printing stations are arranged in an oval shape. This arrangement takes up less floor space and can fit into areas where a carousel screen printing press can't. The oval shaped screen printing press is available with 6 to 24 color printing configurations.

    Wide Range of Applications The automatic oval shaped screen printing press can place an array of colors on cut pieces and finished garments using different colorants, including water based ink, thermosetting ink, flocking adhesives, discharge ink, plastisol ink, and pre-dried ink for hot stamping.